Advantages of Human Resource

Published: 08th January 2010
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Human resource is an integral part of any organization. Great stress is laid on implementing an effective human resource system in an organization. There are lots of department in an organization that makes use of human resource to setup strategic planning and means to process officials assignments. The companies that do not have a proper human resource department suffer from official disorders and lack of management in office activities.

There are many advantages of human resource in an organization some of them include:

Human resource helps in employee management:

There are many advantages that human resource provides in an organization but the foremost advantage of human resource in an organization is the assistance it provides in Recruiting staff and in training employee. The human resource department is mostly responsible to develop the systematic plan according to which they hire the staff and help to build a professional work team.

There are series of strategies that the human resource system implements in employment appointing which includes:

* Allocated training sessions for employees

* Develop test plans for employee

* To manage and analyze employee interviews

* To create internship opportunities

Human resource provides consultancy:

There are many issues that the employee or work-team of an organization faces. The advantage of human resource is that it's a medium which provide all the consulting that a employee needs and also answer general queries. Human resource is very effective in an organization to settle down any managerial dispute or employee problem in a professional and proficient manner.

Building business plan:

On more advantage of human resource is that these departments actively participate in business and marketing decision. The human resource system comprises of highly dedicated professionals who have the ability to devise new plan and implement marketing strategies that would bring more business and capital to the organization.

Forethought of business:

Human resource also deals with the long-term management of the business. This department evaluates the future scope of the business and devises strategies which would be profitable to the organization in the longer run and bring in stability to the business and provide it an established medium to stand on in the future.

Building public relations:

Human resource also helps the business and commerce to make public relations and built a proper referral system. It is very necessary that the business develops an association with other businesses in the market so it could propel its earning through collaboration with other business sectors. The human resource department arranges seminars, business meetings and official gathering for the company so that it gets acquainted with the market and other businesses.

These advantages therefore clearly illustrate how important the human resource is for an organization. Whether the business is small or it's a big budget industry, building and maintaining a high profile human resource system is very necessary if the business wants to avoid disputes and problems in the longer run. The human resource can be deployed in a small organization at a low scale by hiring minimal staff and growing it gradually as the business progress.

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